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Is it lunchtime yet?

we're ready now!

1/10/05 12:54 pm - lapsus_0_calami - grumble, hungry etc.....

OK - it's a new year and I am on a new diet, a GI diet and I am ravenous....Atkins may well be bad for you, but at least I was never hungry while doing it. 

So far today I have had a minute bowl of musli and a massive apple.  Now I can't wait for lunch - I have got lots of salad, a chicken breast, avocado and I might make a chick peas salad too.....

Is it lunchtime yet?

10/6/04 12:05 pm - tiggsybabes - Relaxed lunch

Kate at nursery.

TV on House Doctor.

Flicking through new Eve magazine.

Eating: tuna, salad cream & onion toastie made with delicious granary bread followed by Tescos Finest Devon Fudge Yoghurt with fudge chunks.

Bliss :)

10/1/04 03:26 pm - tiggsybabes - Hospital food

I had lunch in the hospital canteen & had a voucher for a free cup of tea & a snack as hadn't eaten for about 20 hours (for Gestational Diabetes test) & was very hungry!

My free cup of tea & chicken, stuffing & cranberry sauce on wholemeal bread was delicious :) Best sandwich I've had in a long time *g* I pushed the boat out too & had a packet of yoghurt coated banana chips that were also delicious :)

10/1/04 01:43 pm - bunnyk

I'm hungry... I've had

2 yummy wholemeal rolls from Sainsbury with pate (no spread)
1 clementine
1 plum
1 cup of hot choc from the machine

I have one clem and 2 plums left, and I'm hungry. :-(

9/30/04 02:23 pm - lapsus_0_calami

My chicken, blue cheese, avocado and mayo salad was yummy - didn't feel like diet food at all! I also managed to start reading The Bookseller of Kabul which I think I will find very interesting,.

The sun is out now, but the cat has just come in feeling rather damp....strange that.

9/30/04 01:45 pm - ex_lostprop

Am currently on Slimming World (diet) so my lunches aren't ever going to be that exciting but hey. Am on a green day today - if anyone knows what that means :-p

Today I was starving so I've had:

pasta with roast vegetables (courgettes, peppers, olives, tomatoes) with a pile of rocket on top.

melon balls

muller light

9/30/04 01:41 pm - bunnyk

Okay, today's lunch... from 11:45 am to 1:30 pm (well, not really, but I picked at it...)

One Brussels pate sandwich (no spread)
One Spicy tikka pate sandwich (no spread)
8 cherry tomatoes
The rest of the tub of cottage cheese (about 3 tablespoons)

Which doesn't explain why I feel so *stuffed*! (mind you, I think I'll blame that on teh water, nearly 2 litres already, it's damn hot in here :-/ )

9/30/04 12:50 pm - tiggsybabes - Shameful lunch

While half watching Postman Pat with Kate & half reading the Daily Mail (usually read The Telegraph, but we have tokens for 20p off the Daily Mail & are also collecting the vouchers to win £25k a year for life)

2 glasses of orange juice
Grilled chicken burger on a toasted bun with slice of melted plastic cheese, diced raw onion & coleslaw.

9/30/04 12:21 pm - lapsus_0_calami - Count Down...tick tock

Its 40 mins to my lunchtime, and I am ravenous. All I had for brekkie was a bit of cold ham and then a bit of cheese when I got to work. I think I will plunder the cold chicken carcass which I spotted lurking in the fridge and make it into a yummy salad with some little gem lettuce, watercress, rocket and some blue cheese I will spoon in some of the nice tarragon and wine vinegar mayonnaise I bought the other day.

I have been walking around with The Bookseller of Kabul for ages intending to read it, but due to other distractions, failing. Today's lunchtime will be the one to start!

is it lunchtime yet?
note to self - must make appropriate icons for lunchtime_yet

9/29/04 02:58 pm - lapsus_0_calami

Since I have been doing Atkins the urge to snack and be a pig has drastically declined so those pre-lunch feelings (regarding food) have been limited lately. Instead my lunchtime fantasies revolve about being somewhere interesting or the weather being nice enough to either eat outside of to go for a nice walk.

For lunch today I had salad with Atkins friendly accessories - cold chicken, ham and salt beef, there was a bit of cheese too.

I am still totally stuffed.
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