A slip of the pen (lapsus_0_calami) wrote in lunchtime_yet,
A slip of the pen

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Count Down...tick tock

Its 40 mins to my lunchtime, and I am ravenous. All I had for brekkie was a bit of cold ham and then a bit of cheese when I got to work. I think I will plunder the cold chicken carcass which I spotted lurking in the fridge and make it into a yummy salad with some little gem lettuce, watercress, rocket and some blue cheese I will spoon in some of the nice tarragon and wine vinegar mayonnaise I bought the other day.

I have been walking around with The Bookseller of Kabul for ages intending to read it, but due to other distractions, failing. Today's lunchtime will be the one to start!

is it lunchtime yet?
note to self - must make appropriate icons for lunchtime_yet
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